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March 2016 Newsletter

What a busy year 2015 was. We have seen a raft of changes for registered Training Organisations (RTO). New standards were introduced as well as tighter regulations to ensure the very best training is offered to students not just in NSW but nationally.

We also saw 50 people graduate with a Certificate III Warehousing Operations. It was a real joy to be part of their journey over the last two years. To watch them blossom and grow in both their skill levels as well as their self confidence.

We enrolled almost 50 participants from RichmondPRA in June 2015 and we are well into the training utilising new training and assessment documentation that has been developed as part of our consultation with both industry and participants to our training.

Graduation Ceremonies in 2015

During 2015 we saw our Certificate III in Warehousing Operations participants graduate at four sites. HWNS Minchinbury had 10, DSA Seven Hills had 11 as well as 17 at DSA Condell Park and 12 at IDF St George.  It was a pleasure to watch the change in these people over the two years. They certainly achieved a great deal not only in self confidence but also the ability to improve their work skills.

We wish them all the best and hope that they continue to build on these skills.

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Unique Student Identifier

The Student Identifiers Act 2014 was passed and its implementation of the Unique Student Identifier (USI) became effective 1 January 2015.

All our participants to the training have provided their unique student identifier (USI)  which will enable them to track all the vocational training that they do regardless of which training provider they use be it TAFE or a private training organisation into a single transcript. This also means that their training records will not be lost as the USI will stay with them for life.

The benefits  for training providers is that it will enable students to provide them with access to an online authenticated record of training that the student has attained.  It will also enable the streamlining of processes in terms of enrolment, assessment of course prerequisite if required, credit transfer and assist in determining the eligibility for funding assistance.

More information on the USI can be found at

New Training Package for Warehousing Operations was released

In February 2016 the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package Release 2.0 for Warehousing Operations was released and can be found on the training, website, this was in line with the new standards.  Minor changes were made to the Warehousing Operations courses which included adding a Chain of Responsibility core unit to the Certificate II, III and IV certificates.

New Certificate being added to our scope

Certificate III in Horticulture AHC30710 has been developed and we expect to have this on scope before the end of May 2016. We have had many enquiries in regards to providing this course and are happy that we will be able to offer this training in 2016.

We will also be developing the following courses so hopefully we will be able to offer this training in the not too distant future :

  • Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616;
  • Certificate IV in Disability CHC43115; and
  • Certificate IV in Mental Health CHC43315

Some organisations employ staff with a disability, accordingly we are looking at meeting the needs of the support workers training due to increased staff requirements as a result of the introduction of the NDIS.

LLN Robot

Academy of Workplace Learning has purchased a 12 month license to use the LLN Robot to assist in ascertaining the learning levels for participants wanting to do our training. Currently we used the enrolment form to assist us in this process by getting the trainees to complete a section on their goals. Although effective, the LLN robot will be a better guide as it also gives us resources to help the trainees if their LLN levels are not sufficient in all the required areas.